SO the past two days of thinking that pressure was from my  baby dropping, turns out I have an upper urinary tract infection. THAT was causing all the bladder pressure.

I went to the E.R last night because I thought the terrible pains in my side were appendicitis... Hey, according to WebMD I had every single symptom. So after 26 hours of the worst pain ever, they tell me its a uti. Nbd I guess, I've had one before. Yeah then this morning they call me and say they messed up my urine culture&had to send it out again!!

I have micro benign recurrent hematuria(lining of my kidneys is like tissue paper, micro amount of blood are in my pee), so many medications, including tylenol, make them really sore after I take them.

I have a prescription for bactrim to take twice a day for 7 days; woo hoo. I go to the doctor tomorrow for a regular appointment&follow up from last night. I've had the WORST migraine I have to tell my midwife about, because that can be a serious side effect.

OH, this isn't even the bad news! Monday night, at like 2 a.m, I called the answering service about my pains, I was almost crying they were SO bad. I got put through to the on call doctor, she returned my call and said, "All that pain is normal. Drink water and rest." Seriously doctor? I do EVERYTHING I can before I call you dumbasses. I WAS chugging water, I was 'taking it easy'.  So, thank you doctor for NOT seeing me, even to check me out AT ALL that night&Making me suffer through 24 hours of MORE pain. THAT could have been prevented by a quick pee test. They weren't, I knew in my head they weren't.

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