Hi Girls, i want to put myself out there let me start by saying in april 2011 i was found pregnant after i have had a misscarrige i was forced by my boyfriend to have a abortion, i probably cant say forced as it was a choice i had to make but im sure you understand.

Well in August 2011 i found out i was pregnant again and it was the whole senerio all over again accept this time i toke my stand im 12 weeks pregnant today with a baby boy and the father the same guy as before ( keep in mind we have been together for 5 years) is still around i gave him a choice knowing that he might leave and ill have to do all this alone....

he stuck around and has got use to the idea....

I kniw right im suppose to be happy dont get me wrong i love my little baby boy and his growing so quick and God gave me a second chance but i feel so sad and depressed .

And any girls going through a tough choice to make please im hear for you to... ill give you all the support i can!!!!!

"Woman are stronger than anyone can imagen"

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