Everything's going goodgoodgood... ya...

Let me first start by saying; The resturant I work at closed for the season on oct.12th, so I'm currently out of a job. thomas has one making 11/hr but thats his money i refuse to use.. so anyway...

I have a rat, named Oreo. Shes my baby and I love her dearly. You have a dog, I have a rat, shes like my dog. Shes a happy healthy little girl. Today when I picked her up out of her cage i saw a mysterious bump... A tumor... exactly what I didn't want it to be. They're common in rats, and are usually benign and can be removed. Of course, with any pet if there's anything wrong you'll be upset&want to make it better.

I have a dilema though, since the tumor is benign it wont hurt her, but if it keeps growing it will make her miserable&unhappy and eventually she'll have to be put down. It can be removed and this will make her happier for a longer time. The only problem is money. Money's not tight, but with a baby coming and just 'losing' my job I don't want to spend willynilly... Of course I want her to be happy&healthy but the surgery could be up to $300. It's less when they're found early&small, which her's is. Its about 1/3-1/2 inch across. Like the size of a marble. It CAN be left, but then if  I decided to remove it later then it would cost more. Ugh. It's NOT cancer, its from a high calorie diet... Which is better, but still not superb...

I just wish things were cheaper... I just wish I could get a job... I wish Oreo wouldn't have a tumor... Sometimes I just want to scream&scream until I can't anymore... Then I'd like to cry, for hours. Just because I'm not making any money and feel like an unfit rat mom for this happening and everything... I wish thomas was here tonight, but hes at a concert in Worcester, MA.


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