1. How many weeks along are you?
- 33 weeks.

2. Do you know the gender of your baby?
- Baby boy. (:

3. Have you picked out names? (Share if you like)
- Dallas James.

4. Have you had colustrum/breast milk yet?
- Yes, but not in a while. It happened once.

5. Have you had Braxton Hicks?
- I'm not quite sure.

6. Has your baby dropped yet?
- I don't know that either.. :/

7. Are you a FTM?
- Yes.

8. Who is most excited about baby besides you?
- My boyfriend (FOB). (:

9. Are you measuring ahead? Behind? normal?
-I don't know.. :/

10. Do you have a linea negra?
- If that's the line on your stomach, no.

11. Do you have swelling?
- My ankles, yes.

12. Do you have mood swings?
- Ohh yes..

13. Do you have/had morning sickness?
- Nopeee.

14. Do you/did you have cravings? What for? Any aversions?
- Ice cubes! I want lasagna or speghetti as well.

15. What other pregnancy symptoms have you had?
- Missed period, smell.. Not a lot though.

16. What things do you still have to buy for baby?
- More bottles, more crib sheets and that's about it plus the essentials. But I have everything. (:

17. Do you have a scheduled induction date, c-section, going natural, midwife....
- Not sure yet.

18. Are you still working?
- Never worked.

19. How many ultra sounds have you had?
- 1.

20. Have you had a baby shower?
- Nope.

21. What are you most tired of hearing re: pregnancy?
- If they can feel my stomach.. I don't like it, lol.

22. Where does baby kick?
- Everywhere!

23. Where have you grown most aside from baby bump?
- My boobs.

24. Do you have stretch marks?
- None on my stomach but my boobs, yes.

25. Can you still shave?
- Yes.

26. What can't you do now, that you could earlier in pregnancy?
- I can't see my toes anymore, lol.

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