I was on a website reading about whats in store this week& i saw this is a forum off to the side... Copy&paste if you want(:


1. How many weeks along are you?
- 25 weeks and 6days

2. Do you know the gender of your baby?
- Little boy(:

3. Have you picked out names? (Share if you like)
- Thomas Douglas III, We're going to call him Trace, like the number three.
4. Have you had colustrum/breast milk yet?
- Yes, around 15 weeks. Its comes out if I am laying on my side&my arm squishes my boob. Icky.

5. Have you had Braxton Hicks?
- Yes

6. Has your baby dropped yet?
- Nope

7. Are you a FTM?
- Yes

8. Who is most excited about baby besides you?
- Everyone lol.
9. Are you measuring ahead? Behind? normal?
-About normal.
10. Do you have a linea negra?
- Nope

11. Do you have swelling?
- Not really no.
12. Do you have mood swings?
- yeah, they aren;t terrible. I'd say they're close to pms-y.

13. Do you have/had morning sickness?
- neverr.

14. Do you/did you have cravings? What for? Any aversions?
- It varies. Usually its just sugary treats, like chocolate&wonka candy.

15. What other pregnancy symptoms have you had?
- All of them. Sore breasts, leg cramps[started recently], cravings, heightened sense of smell, everything.

16. What things do you still have to buy for baby?
- A crib&bedding. We have clothes, stroller, swing and car seat that his mom gave us, so we just have to get the crib&the bedding.

17. Do you have a scheduled induction date, c-section, going natural, midwife....
- I'm going natural

18. Are you still working?
- Yes. Until october 15th, then the resturant where i work closes for the season. yay&nay at hte same time.

19. How many ultra sounds have you had?
- 2

20. Have you had a baby shower?
- I have one on november 6th

21. What are you most tired of hearing re: pregnancy?
- "Its it toms?" umm ya... "boy or girl!?" "can i touch?!!?" no way.

22. Where does baby kick?
- every which way he can. Hes discovered just under my ribs and my sides whe i have cramps there.
23. Where have you grown most aside from baby bump?
- boobs, and apparently my booty cuz thats the only place ive got sretch marks lol...

24. Do you have stretch marks?
- On my butt, one on my left thigh and on my right boob... So weird places i know...
25. Can you still shave?
- Its incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to do my legs. 'Down there' is pretty much impossible.

26. What can't you do now, that you could earlier in pregnancy?
- See my toesies. Shave. Walk a normal speed.. I now waddle.

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