Alright... Its been 2 years since my daughter died. Daily, I always struggle with SOMETHING... either soneone said the wrong thing, or i hear song's that i associate with Keagan, or i just... Yeah, there's always something. Well...I have best friends, and they all have kids too... which sometimes makes me feel worse, but then again, I accept that Keagan wasnt ready to be anything but a Momma's Angel... But Other times, I get jealous. Like, I dont wanna talk to anyone jealous...
Today, my friend found out she's pregnant, again. She's a year younger than me, with a daughter 11 months old...and it made me sooooooooo angry! but, she said the most off-the wall thing... She asked if i could adopt it... "it" being a girl, too...
What do you say to that? Really? She gave me a lawyers number, and said she was willing...
Today was weird, and I been crying all day. As much as I'd love to help my friend, and help a baby who would otherwise be...i mean, what...? I'm unsure... Keagan may be gone, but she isnt replacable, and i feel that if i say yes, then i'm partially just going to mask the real problem...

not sure...

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