Thomas&I finally found out what we are having, a boy(:

We wanted a girl, and were so ready to hear, "Your having a girl", but she's a he and we couldn't be happier! As we went into the ultrasound room I thought to myself 'Its definatley a boy'. Thomas told me he thought the same thing.

We're so excited(: We've bought sooo many clothes already, we might need to get another dresser! Haha. My baby shower is November 6th, I told guests we dont need many newborn clothes because we have so many, but fleece&Warm things are needed cuz hes coming in Winter. You'd think in Maine there would be a lot more warm newborn outfits than there is...

Thomas just got another job(: He works at a grinding place that sharpens knifes&Kitchen stuff. He makes $11 an hour which is greeat. We're going to look at an apartment today(:

Ahh, life<3

I started school again, Its going pretty well. I skip a few days for different appointments and one of my days is reallly slack&none of the classes are required. Like im doing today, woops. Ahh well. Its going really good. Everyone LOVES to look at my belly&touch it and everything. People, girls esspecially, love to ask  a bunch of questions. I answer all of them of course, unless it's mean or meant in a hurtful way I ignore them. Its the worst getting stuckbehind me in the hall wall though, I may not be big yet, but 20 extra pounds is making me waddle!! haha.

We just got a kitten too. Great baby practice cuz shes up all night&always needs something.  Thomas got my rat a cage&ll kinds of little things yesterday, which is a surprise considering he says he hates her. He loves her, I know it. We're getting her a friend in a few weeks(: SO excited.

Life is amazing right now, I couldn't ask for anything more. Maybe nausea relief but thats all.

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