I'm 18, was forced  to have an abortion and i regret it more than anything in this world. I can't study or do anything because I believe that i was meant to have this baby. I have a 23 year old fiance, and he has a job, he is a cooking chef. I want to ask him to try again and I know he will say yes. The thing is, if i decide to have a child now, I know i will be more than happy, but I will have no studies (i am an artist, a writer, and i have diplomas in singing so im sure i can find a job in that). Also, i will have to leave france and go to another country to raise my child as my fiance cannot get a job in paris so easily (its practically impossible). I know, and i feel it in my heart that this is the life i want, the life i need, but i'm still so scared to leave my family behind and everything. I'm so scared to be taking the wrong decision. Can someone please give me their advice? I have no one to talk to :'( Please help me...

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