To my Baby Angel,

Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We were so sad to hear that you left us. You are in a better place now though. A place where there is no pain, sadness, or bad. A place with only good, I couldn't of gave you all that down here, so i guess you are better off where you are anyways. A lots changed in the short time that you have left us. Mommy and grandma are a lot closer now and don't fight as much as we used to. And mommy is now living with Daddy to help me get out of this depression. School is the hardest for me. Everyone stares at my belly a lot more that before you left. There are crazy rumors going around about what happened. But there starting to go away. Anyways the reason I'm writing you this letter, Braden, is to tell you that you are missed lots, and will never be forgotten. Not a day goes by that Mommy and Daddy don't talk about you. Your our garden angel now, watching over us, keeping is safe, and leading us down the right paths. And know that if i could go back and change things i would. I will see you again someday in heaven.

                                                                                                                   Love, Your Mommy n Daddy



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