sitting here, doing nothing.........again. wondering what i would be doing right now if i had my Elizabeth with me. see i never knew if i was having a boy or a girl. but i would dream every night that it was a girl. so i named her Elizabeth. i wish i knew what she'd look like, what she'd be like, if she would be like me or her dad. but wishes don't come true sadly :(. if they did she would have come back to me a long time ago. i can't relate to many girls because they still have the dad of their baby, i don't. he left a month later. but there is something that i can tell most girls. and that is the pain doesn't always go away. it stays, and you'll never forget your baby. i belive that when i have kids than god will give her back to me because this time i can take care fo her. i can tell girls that the love for you their babys does not die, it just grows more. and that love for my baby is what keeps me going. because i know that one day i iwll see her again.

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