My Life has change for the better since i had Skyler almost 4 years ago. I was 16&pregnant n going throught life making bad choices n make the wrong kind of friends. After i  found out i was having skyler i changed my ways for my daughter to make her proud of her mommy. I quit hanging with then. got my life on the right track. i did all my homework, i worked really hard to keep my grades up. I think being pregnant made me work harder to provide for my daughter n change my life for her. I got all highs 80's n 90's in high school. Having skyler make me believe just becuase im a mom doesn't mean i can give up on my own future. i worked to be better student, better, sister, better daughter n better mother to my daughter, show her that even though i was pregnant i still put school work first from friends. I wanted to make my daughter proud so i fought to stay in school to have a better education n so i can teach my daughter. Then i had sylan 10 months after skyler same time. i kept my grades up n never missed any work. i graduated on time with my class. i took a year off to be with my kids and get ajob so i can support my children n get wat they need like food, diaper,clothes.. I never though i would be buying baby diapers at 16 years old instead of buying a prom dress or goin drinking with friends. I grow up faster then normal teens but it made me strnger for skyler n dylan n baby #3 on the way. im working to keep my kids happy n so they can live a happy normal life like i wish i had. I wouldn't change nothing bout my life.. Now im a 20 year old mother of 2 amazing adorable girl n boy n baby on the way. Amazing friends who help me if i need them, wonderfull sister's who helped my during my pregnancy with  skyler n dylan, taugh me everyting i now to this day. i would be the mom i am now with out my sister's help. I own my life to them both for helping with everything.

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