Hi Becky.. im 21... my bf and i have been dating for 4 years.... we mean everything to each other... in September this year.. i found out i was pregnant.. i have always been on the pill.. but during that month i missed a few... I was late and had all the symptoms.. we did a pregnancy test.. and i knew that i was pregnant before those 2 very dark lines showed up... i had to hold my breath and tell my boyfriend.. we both just sat there.. and i cried.. and he jsut held me.. i always said.. i will never have an abortion.. but at this time... we spoke about it and decided so... we went to the clinic and the lady did my scan but couldnt pick anything up .. but i was definitly pregnant.. i should have taken this as a sign and not went back.. they told me to come back in a week for another scan... that one week was the best ever..i forgot about the abortion...even talked to my baby... even though i thought i was about 5 weeks... the next week.. i went back to the clinic with my boyfriend... and she told me i was 8 weeks pregnant... i decided to abort... its now exactly a month ago.. since that day.. as soon as i walked out of the clinic i cried ..... since that day... i have blanked out everything.... that has happened... but tomorrow will be one month since i did it... i would have been 3 months pregnant by now... i know my parents would have been upset but they would have gotten over it... i wish i could go back a month ago... and not take that pill!!! im so angry with myself for doing this... if i could stop even one girl from doing this.. then i would acheive something... your babies deserve to live .... dont let your mistakes fall to them... they deserve a life.. abortion is the toughest desicion ever for a woman.. if you have the slightest chance of not doing it.. DONT DO IT...

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