is this really how it feels?its been 1 month since that abortion...i miss her with everything i am. i know i was too early to find out the sex of my baby, but im certain its a girl. my life has been sooooo rough since then. my ex boyfriend runing my life telling my boyfriend now a whole bunch of crap. my parents the other night got so drunk, and hit me and my sister, and my boyfriend took me to his house(thank god.) DCFS might take me and my sister away...i dont want that to happen. school has started and i have NO FRIENDS in my classes so i sit in the back of class, wondering, thinking about my baby. since my friend robin has also gone through the same thing, we asked our social worker to put her in my classes since her reading teacher is pregnant. i honestly cant take the struggle here at home, i cant take the struggle in this it?is this how it feels to suffocate? times like these, i wish i had my baby back...

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