my name is kortnee, i recently just found out that im prego. lately i havent been feeling well and dealing with my boyfriend seems to be a never-ending war.

i talked to him about it and he was really supportive and wants to keep the baby just like i do.

but there is one thing i haven't told my family yet im just scared i dont know how to really. they are going to be so disappointed in me and probably say anything to me at the time because of their hurt... i just found out yesterday that i am... and already my boyfriend wants to tell the not ready to tell them yet. i mean i love his attitude to want to say something but we dont even have a plan right now, as to how we are going to take care of this child. and stay together considering that he is about to go off to college for his 1st year. He is going to Bowie which is only two hours away but at the same time he might be living at home and just driving to school everyday or he could be staying on campus.....but anyways im just confused on wether or not i should tell my family right now or wait...because when i go to them i want to have a PLAN A,B & C.. so that when they ask us what are we going to do we wont just be standing there looking dumb with nothing in mind...

this is sooo much on me..i never thougth that this would be but it is soooo i gotta deal with and keep my head up...

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