20 weeks today~ I decided to name my baby girl Noalie Alisa Landaverde. She moves alot now, i'm just waiting to see her foot poke out lol. I've come so far, from telling my mom and having my so called family yell and talk about me bad behind my back. Man it was all worth it. I know every girl is scared to tell their but ask the girls who have i bet you they'll say it was worth the trouble. As far as school, i'm lucky because i graduate in May 2010! But I gotta find daycare which is expensive for babies. Daycare is my real concern for my baby. I will not drop out, that is not an opttion. I have a friend who dropped out in 10th grade (she failed, she was supposed be in 11th with me) she's pregnant, but she's not doing anything about her education. She relies solely on her boyfriend who also dropped out! She even expects him to get a good job. She doesn't wanna work at all, that's what she told me. You cannot be like that, you have to support your baby. And baby stuff is not cheap! After i graduate, i'm going to work. I wanna make sure we can have everything. Ahh, just 20 more weeks to go...

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