Im to young for this  I have to grow up and take responsibilty if i did that in the first place i wouldnt be here now...

My life : I am 13 years old i have a sister who is two years younger than me we dont along but i love her. Im not the most innocent i have a 17 year old boyfriend i smoke weed(cannibus), i drink and stupidly i have had unprotected sex several times.. I am not proud of what ive done, who i am. I dont think im pretty i do care what people think of me but i dont seem that way. My parents dont think that much of me they know all this about me. I wish my parents could be proud of me i wish they could love me i wish i could think more of myself and i wish i didnt socalise with some of the people i do but i guess thats part of who i am. All my life i have been with the "wrong kind of people".

My life now: My sister has some kind of anger issue and it changes everything theres allways fights in the house i cry myself  to sleep at night with the sound of screaming, yelling, crying and fighting. I love my parents so much but most the time i dont get along with them very well.. I have thought i have been pregnant twice before but im stupid and have gone back and had unprotected sex. It hasnt been long enough to know if im pregnant or not i dont want it to be. Ive been told you dont really see symptoms untill about a month after. For me it has only been a week since i had sex but i need to go to the toilet every half hour but when i pee hardly anything comes out then i get that feeling that i need to go again just as i finish and it even hurts quite alot. Im not really sure what to do?

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