Well...I think I'm going to start blogging about my life and relationship...maybe people will read, maybe people wont. If they do, that would be great. If not, then I can give myself a good feeling by writing it down...

Well today, my boyfriend, Juan Manuel Alvarado, graduated from High School. He is 18 and is the sweetest man I have ever met. He graduated with High Honors and an Honor's Diploma... He was Parliamentarian of the student association and was involved with Varsity sports: Volleyball and Basketball. Today, he took his first step on the road that will lead to the rest of his life. As I watched him walk down to recieve his diploma, I felt a rush of pride that I have never felt before.
Juan is very loyal, gentle, caring, sensative, kind to others, reliable, intelligent, and very good at making my heart melt. We've been together 7 months, not including the time period we got to know each other before we starting going out. And of all this time, we have never gotten into a single argument or fight...

I've snapped at him, but began crying and apologized. He apologized and told me it was his fault. We were going through a rough time and he said something that came out totally wrong that I took the wrong way...which leads me to say that we've been through a lot these 7 amazing, scary, and rewarding months...

Well, although I have three more years before I graduate, I plan on supporting him and standing beside him with every step he takes down his path...Though I will be following my own path, I know our paths will intertwine. I will never let go of his hand through his journey and will continue to be my own person and love him at the same time. I pray to God that he helps us in our relationships and our journeys. Thank you Lord for sending me a true angel...

Congratulations Classes of 2010

You've reached so far, climbed so high, now you're done, it's time to fly...

I'm right behind you baby, I love you <3


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