So i recently found out i am pregnant, 9 weeks to be exact.  Its kind of crazy that me getting into an accident is how i would find out i am pregnant.  When i was told by one of the ER nurses i wasn't shocked because it didnt hit me at the time. I told the guy that same night.  I was hoping he would've been supportative but he freaked.  He wants me to get an abortion because he's not ready to be a dad again.  Him and I were never really together just two good friends who enjoyed eachothers company i guess you could say.  I can honestly say we are no longer good friends or friends at all.  I was for an abortion mainly because kids terrify me, but once i seen my baby during an ultrasound everything changed.  Personally i believe the father of my baby hates me because i wouldnt get an abortion.  We no longer talk, mainly because I thought he was my friend but some of the stuff he's said have been so hurtful that I dont want my baby around that.  Who knows, he could have said hurtful things because he's scared and in shock.  But it's not fair if he's scared or whatever because i'm the one carrying the baby and never made any harsh statements to him about this whole situation.  I'm scared because ive come to terms that im going to be raising this child as a single parent.  He says he doesnt want another baby so i basically made the choice and told him that i don't expect anything from him.  I'm just thankful that i have my family by my side and thats all that matters.  Lately though I been sad thinking how someone who once said they cared and would always be there can just turn their back on something they help made.  Somedays I cry all day because I'm hurt at the reality of how fake people could be.  I'm just confused and sad about my situation, but i want to be happy...

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