well im 15 and pregnant im meant to get my period every 18th and this time i didnt , i am 3 weeks and 2 days pregnant, i have been feeling extremily tired everyday , i do hav verry low iron levvels i hav since i was a baby so im anemic wich sucks cuz that also makes me very tired and pail never really hav much energy, i dont live with my mum i got kicked out on the 10th of september last year, i am living with my bf for a month now , we hav been together for 4 months atm i love him so much he is the only one who knows im pregnant he is happy with it i think, the onlyproblem is i dont recieve any money at all in 14 days centerlink will start paying my boyfriends mum my payment for living away from home untill im 16, p.s i am keeping the baby :) but can somebody please helpme out?

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