hi my name is brittany. well im almost 16 and pregnet but the doctor said i may not be able to carry my kids. yes its twins and they are precious to me  but anyways this is what i need help with right now......... 

Okay so my boyfriend and i have been together a while. So for valentines day he got me a promise ring and i got him one. Well last night he feel asleep and i was on his phone using it when all of the sudden i see these messages to his ex named sasha who is in love with him and he was telling her that he loved her and stuff. Well when i asked him what he was thinking he said he wasn't thinking and i said well you must love her more than me and your kids!!!! So i need help this is'nt  the first time since we have been together that he has done this. SO PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO I DONT KNOW ANYMORE AND WANT TO GIVE UP ON HIM........

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