Ok so i started feeling a really tight cramping feeling on Sunday at 4:30 in the morning. I didn't tell my mom until 1:00 when i noticed they were getting closer. About 2 hours later they were at 5 min apart! i thought wow this is easy!! So then at 5:30 we went to the hospital and they checked me said i was at 3 cm and they were going to keep me for an hour to see if i'm progressing . So an hour later they checked me again and i was at 4 cm. They said i could stay! Around 8:30 Joseph got there.  Sunday nite went and monday morning came and still no baby! Finally on Monday at 10:30 i was only 6 cm and they decided to go ahead and break my water. In the afternoon my labor all of a sudden stopped. The contractions were at 6 min apart and i wasn't progressing at all. So they had to start me on Pitocin. After that i stayed at 8 cm for about 6 hours and finally at 10 monday nite i decided to get an epidural since i wasn't progresssing any and was dead tired! that really helped! Then at about 1 in the morning they said i could push! i was soooo freakin happy! So i pushed and it didn't hurt as much as he crowned it was more the EXTREME urge to have a bowell movment! They told me to only push with a contraction but i would get the urge to push without the contraction and i was just so stubborn that they let me push when i needed too.  So i pushed for 2 hours long and then Trevor James Joined us. :)  So i was in labor almost 3 days. :O

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