December 13, 2009 I married my unborn sons father. It was the most amazing day of my life yet. My family, and my husbands family all came and showed us they was there to support us. Yes, I am only seventeen years old but I know that my husband is my Mr.Right. I am proud to call myself a married woman. The wedding took place in a church not to far from where we live, at six thirty in the evening. We poured sand into a glass to show that we was becoming one whole, instead of lighting a candle together. We was married religiously because we're both christians. I wore an off white dress that cam past my knees, and had shiney things on the chest area. We ate chicken after our first kiss as a married couple, and then cut our beautiful wedding cake. Our wedding was so much more amazing then I could have ever imagined. My mother cried a lot, she feels like she is losing me but she isn't she is only gaining a son in law. She should always know i'll be a mommys girl(:
I just wanted to updated everyone about our marriage. I am so happy and in the wedding pictures I put up on here you can tell that.

I think the most amazing part about the wedding other then marrying the man I love is that Braxton started kicking me and moving like he was excited when his daddy said 'I do'. I know it sounds odd but I think he could hear his daddy say it(:

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