im a 17 year old female in high school. i have a wonder boyfriend same age . the problem is that he already has a 2 year old sweet daughter. and we had sex for the first time about two and half months ago ..  and recently i found out that i was 11 weeks pregnant.. im so scared and i dont no what to do .. should i tell him or just have an abortion and never speak it up .. i think if i tell him that he might just think that im pushing his daughter out the way .. but its not like that at alll ... i love his daughter as she was my own ... i raised his daughter since the day the baby was born... im so confused and just afraid of wen i tell him he might think im going to walk out on him like his daughter mom did .. but i want to be a family... all of us..  when ma mom and dad took me to the clinic i throught that they was going to be so mad at me ... but they were so supportive... and i all i need is him to be that way with me and we going to make through .. can somebody give me advice of wat i should do ... keep the baby or have and abortion ..

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