Hey Everyone, now been 117 days since she passed. I can still hear her IV drip and the machines hooked up to her beep. I tune out the bustling of the doctors and nurses. I peer into the "Iron" crib down at my chalk white, clammy, and barely holding onto life toddler. She seems so labored and tired laying there. Her eyes no longer sparkle and her dimples no longer appear because she isnt smiling. She is the shell of what I knew my baby to be... It seems like yesterday. Her second birthday is coming up...but she isnt here to celebrate. Her daddy is playing ball on the college team, but she isnt here to cheer him on. Her mommy is missing her every smile, her every breath, her every tear. The lose of a child is so painful because she was apart of me.. She was in essence a extension of my person. There isnt a day that goes buy that I go shopping and think Kennah would love this.. and then I realize she isnt there to enjoy it. 117 days have gone by...117 days since I felt complete...117 days that I haven't felt her skin on mine...117 days... 117days.... but it still feels like yesterday...

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