Today, October 28, 2009, I found out for sure I was pregnant. The bomb hit me with tears of joy and tears of pain. Joy for the fact that I was carrying God's child, a living thing, a part of me. Pain for the fact that my mom says I have to get an abortion.

I don't want an abortion...oh no way! I believe abortion is the worst way to deal with pregnancy regardless of the child's

age. You see, I'm only a freshie in high school, and I know I shouldn't have had sex in the first place. That's my fault for making a dumb decision so being pregnant is my decision and will be my responsibility to deal with...


But to be told that I HAVE to have an abortion kills me. I'd rather give it up for adoption, but I would never want to take away my child's life, or any even anyone elses' for that matter.

Being the victim of a forced-abortion is terrible...and I'm in so much more pain than if I was in labor right now.

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