See, there's a long history... I was in highschool, living on my own and met this guy who I was crazy about at the time.  He eventually dumped me, we moved on... But he recently appeared back in my life. It was a beautiful evening about a month ago, when we spent the entire night sitting by the waterside, talking about the past, the present, the future... I couldn't believe how different he seemed.

Let's cut to the chase, since we all know what's coming next... I went back to his place, we had unprotected sex and Lati-Da! The next morning, he went to work without waking me up... Sweet right? WRONG! I got a little nosy while looking for his address so I could make my grand escape; well there was a letter from his ex... RIGHT on the kitchen table with the bills. Apparently he had gotten her pregnant and she had an abortion, she had moved out & they broke up. Note: I did notice an extra tooth brush and tampons in the bathroom the next morning... Not what I was expecting!

 Now that you're up to date; here's what's going on... I'm so paranoid that it's driving me nuts and I'm too stubborn to take an actual test to cancel anything out! WIMP, I knoww! But it's that I'm starting back at college next month; just getting myself on my feet again. I've tried those stupid online quiz's, and most said there could be a posibility of a positive pregnancy. Yikes, my worst nightmare at this point, since that guy that was SOOO different; doesn't call, barely online... And won't respond any texts. I was suppose to start my period last week or the week before; it's always been a bit off... But could I really be 3 & 1/2 weeks pregnant?? Would you even notice something like that? See, I drink fairly often with friends, and I haven't slowed down since this happened... It's only now that I'm thinking... "WHAT AM I DOING?!?"

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