Hi i'm Latayvia and i'm new to this website. Ummmm I realized blogging made me feel a whole lot better when i'm stressed out. Everyday I push  forward as if I have nothing drastic going on in my life

. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and i'm 18!...I have not completed High School, and when I think about it I feel really "down".  I actually start school this Thursday and im due in 5 weeks practically. Well my point of this blog was to be honest on how I feel about being pregnant. I can happily say I do NOT REGRET being pregnant. There are things I wish could be better though like, being in a better financial position or finishing HIGH SCHOOL but I know I will be able take of those things. I do not see my baby as anything but a positive addition to my life. I believe my baby will help me push forward for the BEST things life has to offer us!! I would go into the topic of my boyfriend/baby daddy but time is running out on me lol. We discuss that hopefully tomorrow!!


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