I'm sick of crying and heart ache,  bitter, angry sobs that leave me gasping for breath. I deliberately torture myself with memories of you, to make the wounds deeper and more painful.... hearing your laughter when the room's empty, seeing your smile when I'm alone... I torment myself with all that you could have been today, someday, never. You are everywhere that you should have been today, someday... never...

I'm so sick of the tears that wash out all the emotions for the world to see, my shame and the lies that keep you hidden from those who should know something, everything, nothing... My tears wash you onto my cheeks and I wipe them away... wipe you away so that you cannot be seen today, someday, never...

I'm sick of missing you, brushing aside the memory of you today, everyday, forever... but I remember you today, pray for you, cry for you today, everday, forever... I'm desperate and pathetic, lost and afraid today, everyday forever...

In my dreams I see you, clear and beautiful... there are no fears and tears untill I wake up to find you gone... so fresh ans painful like you were really in my arms today, someday, never...

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