im only just turned 18 +I have borderline personality disorder

im on strong anti depressants, and see a psychiatrist once a week... my home life is a wreck ( dads a violent alcoholic wife beater) and i have 6 months left of year 12... i have always been the over achiever dux of the skool and always receiving awards... i just found out im pregnant... im about 6-7 weeks, my situation with the babys dad is at least complicated... we were together for 3 years, but things have ended between us, and he wants me to abort it because hes not ready... im not so sure... im afraid... could i raise this baby completely on my own???? no help from family or him..... im gutted because i want to go to university and make something of my self... but there is this niggling feeeling that i should suck it up and be a mum.... any advice is apreciated... i just need something, before i end up knecking myself......


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