i have been going out with  my boyfriend for 5 months and im 6weeks pregnant. Im so scared and confused im only 16 and i will be 17 in 2months. my boyfriend is younger than me and he dont want to have the baby because he isnt ready. i know im not ready either but if i end  up having my baby i know i will be a great mother. Im so confused i have no idea what to do i havent told anyone just him and he told his brother. his brother is mad about our stupid mistake and i know i can trust his brother with what we do and i know he will support us. you cant tell that im pregnant yet but i know soon you will. i dont want to wait because then it will be even harder for me to make a dicision. i need some advise i really do. should i give it up? my boyfriend said if i do decide to have it he will suppost me but it wasnt going to be easy for him. help!!

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