I  have been waiting all of my life to have a baby and still waiting for it to happen. Every time I missed my period for even a day or 2 days, I get pretty excited and I would say to myself "this might be it" but then I get my period. All my friends are all having children and its seems so easy for them to get pregnant. I don't feel jealous or anything like that but I would say to myself "when would I get pregnant". My husband & I are now trying to conceive and it started the beginning of May of 2009. We both know that we really want to have a kid. So, May 31, 2009 I started having brown spotting and it is now day 5. I took a pregnancy test this morning and its negative. This brown spotting is unsual for me so I assume that I could be pregnat. But its Negative..I feel dispppointed. Ill wait day 6,7,8, to take another pregnancy and maybe this time it will be positive. Cross fingers!

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