Hey guys,

My first blog!!!! I stumbled across SUG by accident when I was Googling pregnancy sympthoms, oh I as ya can see I can't spell!!!!

Story so far:

I'm 24 years old and due to be married next year!!! I have very irregular periods, like once every 6ish months the last being in December!!! My family has a long history of infertility!!!

Well 2 weeks ago myself and my fiance got a little bit carried away and now we think there is a possibility of me being pregnant. Over the past week or so I've been getting mild crampy abdo pain, I'm bloated, Nausea, increased wind and I've noticed a lot of Montgomery's Tubercles around my nipples so maybe I might be!!!

To be honest I think I'd be more disappointed if I wasn't pregnant than if I am, given my family history!!!

 The only problem I have is how soon do I take a test? All the advice says take one when your period is late but as my periods are practically non existant I have no idea when to take one!!!! I got a bit carried away in november and ended up taking  like 7!!!! Now when I look back I didn't have any signs of being pregnant but we were trying for a baby and was a little bit clueless!!!!!

If anyone has any advice I appreciate it!!!!

Thanks, keep safe!!!!


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