Everyone says your sapposed to live life to the fullest without regret...i had the "perfect"life i was a small town girl with my "country boy" who i thought was the love of my life...i was living life to the fullest and had ablolute no regrets until march 11,2007...on feburary 24,2007 i found out i was pregnant i was devestated and scared,i didnt know what to do what to say or even what to think...i was so confused and so selfish!!!so my boyfriend and i decided that we wanted to stay in school and go to collage and then settle down and have a family...so i called made the appointment and was all ready and set to go...when the day came i wanted so bad to back out and just run out of that place screaming and running for my babys life...but i didnt because i was so selfish and scared and was only thinking about my life...as i went down the stairs to the room my heart started racing faster and faster and pounding harder and harder i felt so sick to my stamach...i layed down on that table and cryed and cryed the whole 5 minutes it took to abort my baby my own flesh and blood...afterwords i was so sick i kept throwing up more and more and crying hysterically...i was depressed and so ashamed of myself i couldnt even go to a church i couldnt pray or even wear my cross necklace i felt i didnt deserve it...i didnt deserve anything ever again that was good...i let my poor baby down because i was so selfish...i was depressed for a long time but i started to get back into church and it got easier but it never left my mind  that night always played over and over again in my head...and now im 17 and i was still with the same guy that got me pregnant the first time and here once again im pregnant...the word abortion never crossed my mind at all i was an still am determined to have this baby...im single now because the "father" left me because their was no way in hell i was giving up a second child...god gave me another chance at this and im not gonna let this baby down...and from now on my baby boy and i are living life to its fullest and with no regrets... 

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