I had just got back from a trip from vegas. I went for my birthday, to see my Godmother. I turned 17.  The trip was long and hot, and more so i was nausteated the whole while. which was new for me because i never get sick in the stomach. when i went to school that monday veryone began to notice changes, besides the nausea, i was sleeping and wasnt my full energetic self. And one of my teachers had asked if everything was ok, i told him what i was feeling and asked if i might be pregnaunt. Then it was like o crap.. I called one of my cousins and she took me to the doctors, the results were in but because i was minor they wanted me to come in and get the results and for that i needed an appt, it was set for november 18 2008. in the whole weekend that i was waiting for the test results my emotions were up and down what if i was what am i going to do or i am not i am just making myself feel this way. Nov 18 came around and i sat in the chair alone thinking he is just going to tell me its negative and it will all be ok. ill take some std test and it will all be fine. Everything seemed worse because i was alone. Turned out i was pregnaunt.. i cried almost instantly, the feeling is unexplainable. I talked to a social worker about the different options that were available to me. I remember walking out and thinkin o shit this is really happening this is for real!! I called my aunt and of course the babys father, of course he didnt answer. when i got to my aunts house she gave me a peace of her mind. i was still in shock about the situation, i knew i had to tell my dad and the sooner the better. But first i had to talk to the babys dad. I finally got him to answer, and he first thing that came out of his mouth when i told him the test came out positive was well lets get an abortion. I was so mad, i told him i couldnt do that, i couldnt live with that forever. He told me was going to be there for me and the baby. My dad finally got there, and we took a walk and thats were i told him i was pregnaunt. He told me it was time for me to get ready to be a parent and step and do the things i am going to do. he would support me but not do anything for me. I knew that but regardless i was stil in so much shock i didnt know what to think all i knew was i am 17 and pregnaunt...Damn...... 

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