Well I decided to post my story though it is going to be hard and painful, Im going to post it in two parts. From ages 0-14 then 15 untill know.

Well my story starts like everyone elses with my birth...

I was born in Arizona to a loving mom and dad. We lived the ideal life. My mom was a pediatrian and my dad was a nuroligist .My parents had tried for four years to have a baby. My life went great untill I was about eight years old. When I was eight my uncle Ryan moved in with us for a while because he had lost his job. I never really knew him because he had lived in washington my whole life. At first things went perfactly. He would take me to the movies, the mall. He watched me after school every day.  He was super nice and I loved and trusted him! But sometimes I would feel a little unconfortable. Just little things like he would want to help me bathe, hug me a kiss me a little to hard and long. Then one weekend when my parents went to new york my uncle come into my room  and raped me. Ryan lived with us for a lot longer then we expected and the abuse went on. It happened at least twice a month and as anyone could guess I got pregnant at twelve years old. I did not tell anyone and I eventually suffered a very painful misscarage one night. The abuse continued untill I was fourteen and I became pregrgnant for the second time. This time I expected that like the last time I would misscarry but I did. It was not untill I was seven months pregnant that my mother foud out. She had come home early one night and I had fallen asleep in a tank top (I had worn HUGE sweatshirts to hide it). She didn't yell just said we had to talk about this. The whole story came in a great wave and she told my uncle never to come back. At eight and a half months pregnant I had a little girl and named her Kathryn Elisabeth. I intrusted her well being to a couple who couldn't have childran. I recive pictures of her all the time and her adoptive mother emails and calls me all the time. I have never regreated giving Kate the home she deserves.

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