i'm 15 and pregnant, my boyfriends mom wants me to get an abortion i told her that i  want to keep the baby but she keeps saying abortion is the right thing for me it doesnt matter how many times i say i think its wrong she keeps telling me and making me feel bad for not getting one i really don't want one but i dont know what to do should i get one so she doesnt hate me, or should i keep it and let her hate all she wants, im so scared i dont know how i will support my baby either or where i will stay because the person i live with wants me to move out.. or else pay rent and my boyfriend cant move in even if its to help me :( i'm really sad and confused right now i don't know what to do i need help but i dont know where to get it, some of my family disowned me a while ago because i dont live with my mom and because i have a boyfriend and he's black, everything is so f-d up right now, :(


im really lonely and scared and worried for my baby's future...

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