I wanna fight for my baby to live.  I just need a superboost to have the stamina, i feel so weak.  Tommorrow my husband wants to take me to an abortionist against my will, I want to go for our first sonar at the gynae.  Guess i'm gonna have to go through this pregnancy alone...completely alone, my family hates my husband, they wont support me. 

 But its worth it when i think of all my babies, enjoying eachother. Playing laughing, my son and daughter get along so well having a baby brother or sister will add to the joy.  We will get through this, i pray we will.  Please God, come through for us.


I read the most beautiful story in the bible last night, God has confirmed to me in no uncertain terms that keeping this baby is in his will...


I cant wait to see you, to hold you, smell you, and the faces on your brother and sisters' faces when they meet you for the first time.


I wish your Dad will be there...i hope in time he will change his mind.


I cant wait to see you on the sonar tommorrow...



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