my life has been full of ups and downs,as far back as i could remember my parents were never together,all i could think was it was my fault and then when i was 12 my mom told me they were never even together,"i am a mistake" is all that kept running thru my i went on keeping my secret,it tore me up inside but i didn't want to tell my family cause i didn&# 39;t want her to disown him.then when i was about to be in 5th grade on the fourth of July two of my brothers friends tried to rape me,i was so scared and i felt like it was my fault, i didn't tell my mom about it...i usually tell her everything but this i cant say.ive been in counseling but its such a sensitive subject that i don't even know how i would go about telling my family,i have a seven month old son and when i hold that stuff in sometime my secret get to be too much and i think i cant take the pain anymore,i have tried to kill myself and sometimes i think about it, my son is the only thing that keeps me going.what should i do?kayla1.jpg

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