After the procedure and right to this day, I find myself experiencing many of the symptoms linked to p.a.s.s and I'm sure that alot of the grls here feel it too.  I've looked into therapy again, even though it's not an exact science, and I'll admit that to a degree, it really does work. The only thing that's really put me off it, is the fact that alot of tdocs don 't believe that a post abortion syndrome actually exists!!!!!  If you find yourself answering 'yes' to any of the following questions, you may be suffering from p.a.s.s:

  • Do you find yourself struggling to turn off feelings connected to your abortion(s), perhaps telling yourself over and over again to forget about it?

  • Do you find yourself avoiding books, magazines and television programs that deal with the subject of abortion?

  • Are you affected by physical reminders of your abortion (babies, pregnant women, etc.)?

  • Are you uncomfortable around children?

  • Are there certain times of the year you find yourself depressed, sick or accident prone-especially around the anniversary date of the abortion or the due date of the aborted pregnancy?

  • Are you resentful and unforgiving towards anyone because of his or her involvement in your abortion(s)-parents, boyfriend, abortionist, friends, or husband?

  • Are you in a situation where you could find yourself faced with another unwanted pregnancy?

  • Do you have trouble with emotional intimacy since your abortion?

  • Have you experienced periods of prolonged depression since your abortion? Have you had any suicidal thoughts?

  • Have you experienced any peculiar occurrences relating to the abortion experience, such as nightmares about babies, flashbacks, or hallucinations (for example, hearing a baby cry)?

  • Are you able to talk about abortion? When choosing to share about your abortion(s), are you overcome with strong feelings?

  • If you have children now, do you smother them with your love or overprotect them? Are you unable to bond with the children you now have?

  • If you do not have children, do you fear that you will never be able to have them (either because of physical harm resulting from the abortion or because God won't allow you)?

  • Do you tend to look at your life in terms of "before" and "after" the abortion(s)? Has your self-concept changed?

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