Dear baby of mine,

This is the dream of every women, right?  Being pregnant, have a baby and live happily ever after... Well not mine! I don't want to be a mom! Not yet! Please give me back everything I fought so hard for my entire life... My parents who I'm gonna lose because of you, your daddy, the love of my life, who I'm gonna lose because of you, My friends who I' ;m gonna lose because of you, my childhood wich I'm gonna lose because of you... And I know it just isn't fair to blame you. You don't have anything to do with this! You didn't chose any of this... I truly deeply love you allready, and still every day I'm hoping that some how everything will go back to normal...Please dear baby of mine leave me, and then again... Please dear baby of mine never ever leave me...

 I love you... 


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