I was sixteen and thought I was madly inlove.  We had been dating for three years.  I was so stupid, he beat me alsmost everyday.  My parents pretty much knew but I denied it.  I thought he beat me because he loved me so much.  It was my sophmore year when I found out that I was pregnant.  I, like many scared teens hid this from my parents.  My boyfriend, Anthony was happy.  The beating ALMOST came to a stop, they weren't as severe anyway.  I was 21 weeks when my parents finally found out.  They were furious.  The next day I got up to go to school (my father took me) like always but we never made it to the school.  My parents actually drugged me that morning.  I fell asleep in the car and woke up in labor at a hospital three hours from my home town.  Three days later I returned home.  My parents never discussed it with me again and I never discussed it with anyone either except my older sister.  Shortly after that I left Anthony.  Thank God.  Today, I am 33 years old with two beautiful children, an 11 yr.old boy and a 3yr. old girl.  I am married to a wonderful man who really does love me the way a man is suppose to but I feel so guilty about my other child.  I know in my heart that it was a girl.  The guilt is so deep that I have never even told my husband.  I feel hurt and betrayed by my parents who obviously think they have done nothing wrong.  Every year though on March 25 my sister and I spend time together.  She always waits for me to bring it up, and then she just listens and cries with me.  I didnot choose to have an abortion, that decision was made for me, but the pain, 17 years later is still there.  I just want to let both young girls and parents that there are other options out there.  Many families want to adopt!  

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