i could really use help!!! i just found out i m pregnant i m 19. its not very young but i am in college and have plans of going to med school. I want to keep the baby so much but the father wants me to have an abortion immediately and if i dont will have nothing to do with me... i dont even want money from him i just want him to be around. I have hit depression i made an appointment to have abortion but really dont want to do it.. my friends are begging me to keep it... my mother doesn't know yet and i dont want to tell her until i know what i m going to do....

I know lots of girls who have had babie young but i know none that have been comeltely alone.. I m a very strong person but i dont think i m strong enough to have a baby all alone.. what if the baby hates me for having it in such a terrible situation?? single mom with a father that wanted him/her killed?

if anyone has any advice please help talk me out of going through with it. It sounds dumb but i feel so helpless with no way of standing up for myself.. I want to keep the baby so bad but i keep hearing the fathers words he said to me... telling me that i should be killed along with the baby.......

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