lately i been havin these crazy dreams about me giving birth to twins and it's like every dream that i has had they have came true. i am not the type of female that have alot of dreams esp. those fairytales because i live in the real world.. but anyways i had a dream about me being pregggy, that was true, i had a dream about my baby being a girl, that also came true.. well in this dream i went into labor ahead of time and like 2 minutes after my baby came out.. here comes another kidd... and then the doc tells me that now she knows the reason to the complications that i was having during my pregnacy.. well lately i have been having alot of complications.. i have been in and out of the hospital at least 4 or 5 times a month and the doc's just can't find a reason to my problems.. i am sure that i am not going to have twins because if i was the doc would have been said something... well i am not going to worry no more... i have a app. 2ma so when i go there i will ask her...

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