I'm not like many girls who after they have sex they worry about being pregnant. I don't have too worry about any of that, and I wish I did but I don't. Why? Because I can't get pregnant. It's not any fun nor is it easy especially when you are wanting too get pregnant and you have done everything you possibly can to get pregnant and it just doesn't happen for you. It makes you really depressed when your partner is wanting too conceive a baby and you just can't do it or he talks about having his own kid one day and you know that it won't ever happen for you. It's very emotional for the girl it's not easy at least for me, and I wish there was something I could do but unfortunally there isn't. The reason why I can't have kids is because when I was younger I was forced into having intercourse with a guy and he ended up messing me up on the insides, and when I fought back he beat me in the stomach and messed my ovaries up too the point where I couldn't walk or stand. I don't have my tubes tied or anything, I am all natural I don't take any birth control pills or anything so I should get pregnant but I can't and I can't seem too figure our why. I have gone too doctors and they have suggested ways to get pregnant and they just haven't seem too get me anywhere. It's not easy for me...

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