Words are hard to express and Emotion are hard to feel!..

I have a 2yr old baby girl, she's my life.. She give me joy in the mornings and evening and even with her cry's at night.. I love hearing the Word Mommy every sec. I myself have experience a life of a  single mother with a child and no father around to look up has a role model but that doesnt affect me in anyway.. Even till now he's not part of my child life for which I dont want him to be.. I feel like he's going to ruin everything for my baby for someone I worked hard and working hard to protect..  I suffered some much with him through out my pregnancy... But now thats in my past.. Yah I will admit I "thought He was my senior sweet heart of 1 year... And now am happy with my baby and my career.. That's what am thinking now but the real Facts are that  I MIGHT BE PREGNANT AGAIN.. for the 2nd time.. First: I had the baby with so many obstalce in life and not knowing if she was going to make it or not... She here!!... Second: Father bail out on 5month baby.. Third: ENDING STORY AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER NOT... Met a wonderful person with great personlity and strength to live life to the fullest and am greatful to have him he accepted me and my daughter without judgement and remorse. (doubts) He's been my friend for the past 4 years now.. WE had the courage to become more then just friends Now his my boyfriend we been together for awhile and am sure he's not ready for a REAL FULL SIZE RELATIONSHIP which i don't mind.. I'm scared cuz I'm having feeling of PREGNANCY..  for which am not ready and never the less he's not ready either.... This is the part where I dont understand "Why Me Again"..  I dont want to leave another baby without a father or for the  father to bail out.. He's great my baby loves him and we are prefect but one more I can't handle that yet.. And he has told me that he's not ready.. I need help.. First thing that comes in mind is to get rid of it.. Thinking stright I have no clue what to do... I feel sick to my stomach, gaining weight, breast tender, go to the bathroom alot, mood change, headaches, baby crys alot and only wants me to hug her, curving for food, and other weird symptoms could this really be a Pregnancy... I have gone to the clinic the Nurse tell me to wait till i miss my period and still wait one more week after that.. I can't I feel that day by day am changing and gaining weight.. This is to good to be True...   

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