i just turned 19 when i found out i was going to be a mommy it was a month after my b-day i found out on Jan 06 everyting changed after i see the test. i didnt know wat to do i dont have a mom to help me through my pregnancy so i guess so wat i am alone i have only one preson there for me and that is my boyfriend. I did some things i wasnt happy about after i found out i dumped him i dont know why i did he was the love of my life he is the dad of the baby but we are back together now have been for couple months now. I dont have a ged or anything like that i had no job didnt know how i was going to take care of my baby but things are looking better now i have a grandma to help me out but she already has a grandson from my brother and she dont really like me anyways i guess really all im trying to say is for the girl who are going to be a mommy ur not the only one i dont have anyone there for me but one preson and thank god for that i dont know wat i would do if i didnt have him there for me now i am 37 weeks and still dont know wat to do all i know is that i am going to try my best to be the best mom ever not like my mom. I am have a boy and i already love him to death if anything would ever happen to him i dont know wat i would......

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