Heii my name iis tanya and ii am 15 yearsz 0ld and 7 m0nthsz pregant wiif my 1st baby

ii've been g0ii0n 0ut wiif my b0yfriiend f0r a year n0w we met threw friiendsz and went 0ut iinstiintly he wasz my fiirst and wiil be my last!!

me and my b0yfriiend went 2 the d0ct0r t0o see iif ii wasz pregant he wasz 0ok wiif iit he wasz happy and that made me happy......ii t0ld my m0m that ii wasz pregant she was 0ok wiif iit iim sure she wasent pr0ud but she wasz and stiill iisz supp0rtiive!!!

ii m0ved iin wiif my b0yfriiend he iisz 19 d0sent have hiisz 0wn place he liives wiif hiis m0m and dad and tw0 0ther br0thers but he d0 w0rk and make pretty 00d m0ney he liike the best b0yfriiend ever butt.......

s0metiimes ii feel al0ne liike ii s0me h0w left 0ut....... ii hang 0ut wiif my friiendsz but ii s0meyiimes get the feeliin  liike iif ii g0 0ut iim g0iin 2 get hurt and s0methiin bad iisz g0nna happen 2 me and the baby s0 ii d0nt hang 0ut wiif my friendsz that much and ii thiink s0o much ii cant g0 2 sleep at niite and iif ii d0 sleep iitsz 0nly liike f0r a c0uple 0f h0ursz ii d0nt really liike d0iin anythiin cusz ii have a pr0blem wiif trust and ii d0nt really wanna tell my m0m 0r b0yfriend an0ut watsz g0iin 0n wif me  cusz ii d0nt want them 2 thiink iim crazy 0r  that wen the baby c0mes i cant handle iit help!!!

tell me wat ii sh0uld d0!!!

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