Well First off, I'm TTC so this just might be wishful thinking on my behalf.

I started spotting on the 12-13th of may, and the i got my "period" on the 14th, which was pinkish/brownish, that went on till the 18th then it got heavy, and seemed more like my normal period, but it only stayed heavy for 2 days, then went back to being light till the 23-24th.

Ive never had a period like that, mine are always heavy for 3-4 days then light, and i always have signs that my period is coming, i got none of them this time.

Now for almost 2 weeks ive had nausea, which comes and goes in waves through out the day, i cant stand the smell of red onion or bacon. Sometime last month ( i cant remember the day) I almost fanited in my kitchen but at the time i put it down to the fact i had the flu.

The nausea has been getting worse the last 3 days.

Last month i swore i was pregnant, i just had this gut feeling, but im not sure if this was because that wouldve been the month i had my baby, if i hadnt of had a misscarriage.

I took a pregnancy test at the start of last month, which was neg. (tho it did have a shadow line!soo annoying:angry: )
and i took another one today, also a neg, but i took it in the afternoon, plus i dont know if this matters but it was just a really cheap no name one.

So I ask the question, can u have a "period" like this and still be pregnant?

Im trying to get into see a doctor tomorrow to see whats going on, till then i shall enjoy my gingerale!

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