Hi, I am 18 and I am unexpectedly pregnant. My husband and I got married almost a years ago, and had decided against kids for a while; like a couple years or so. We didn't decide exactly on a date, but we knew that we had other things that we had wanted to do. I am in school, and I spend most of my time their, and when I am not at school I am studying, working on homework, looking for a job (I lost mine a few months ago), and with what is left of my time I spend with my husband or with friends. there are days where I feel like I am stretched pretty thin, and I didn't know how I was going to handle things. Well we went on a vacation for a week, and I had thought that I was sick. We went out to eat, and the smell and taste of things made me nauseous. I wanted these pancakes, and when we went to the restaurant and I had gotten them, I suddenly got really nauseous. I knew that I was sick, I had the flu or something, but I didn't know that I was pregnant. I was always so tired, and weak. I didn't connect the dots when I started getting tender breasts. Well when I got back from the vacation I was wondering why I hadn't gotten my pd, so I went and bought a test. I had thought that it was a false positive all the times I took it until my husband said, your pregnant. After a lot of decision making, we have decided to keep the baby; whether it was in the plan or not.

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