I am completely amazed right now...

I was thinking about how attached I already am to my daughter. I haven't even seen her face to face but the most contact i have had with her is seeing her on the ultrasound and when she will kick my hand and i'll tap my tummy and she kicks me again. It's almost like we are playing together. But anyways I'm so like emotionally and spiritually attached to this little miracle inside of me its insane. I am so in love with my little angel, her and her dad are like my life. If you would have told me this was how i was going to feel about her when i first took that test and saw the two lines i would have thought you were smoking something. Being pregnant is one of the most amazing times in any woman's life. For me honestly this is the happiest I've ever been. But when i do get sad theres a little girl that kicks me right in the bladder. It's almost like shes sayin"hey! be happy! im here for you!" I am just completly amazed...

Peace And Love

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